Each academic partner has it's own Station for aggregating content related to their members creations, including videos, shows, and communities.

RMIT University Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

London South Bank University

London, England

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel

National Taiwan University of Sport

Taichung, Taiwan

Ryerson University

Toronto, Canada


Shows are created by stations, sometimes in collaboration with other stations. Shows can have live streams, videos, news, and communities.

A Focus On...

RTA Showcase



From Where We Stand


Communities are member-created groups that tackle a specific project or topic. All members can create and join communities and share ideas and media with community group members.

tack women running pic credit: pxhere

Women in sports

Photo via Zilsonzxc on Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons License

eSports across uni campuses

Producing For an International Audience

Movies or documentaries about sports

Mental Health Awareness Series