eSports across uni campuses

JLDN esports: Student Spotlight, StarCraft II, and the future of eSports
Recorded on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. eSports across uni campuses

Broadcast: 08/11/17 Duration: 10:35</h4>

The Esports team<
News editor: Lukas Gerve

Director: Sam Batty

Production assistant: Rhea Whitehead-Thorpe

Presenters: Meshanda Cyrus and Seb Maxam 

Bulletins presenter:  Louis Chant 

Guest booker:  Tobias Persson  

This week, the team examines where esports is likely to go in the near future - what's next for the burgeoning industry? Also on the show: exciting news regarding StarCraft II and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, as well as a prime opportunity for FIFA fanatics!</h4>

 Student Spotlight: On this week's featured game design project, <a href="">Otavio Pliger</a> introduces his flashy arcade racer, currently titled This Is Rubbish.
 StarCraft II: Louis Chant brings us the latest on the big change coming to the RTS powerhouse, as well as an update to the Battle Royale mainstay - PUBG.
 The future of eSports: The genre may still be in its nascent years, but where is it likely to go in the near future? JLDN's <a href="">Charlie Wetton</a> has the full report.
 Queen's Park Rangers' esports team: Our presenters bring an exciting opportunity for any FIFA experts to get their beginnings in esports.
Mario Kart: Meshanda does her best to beat Seb's time from the previous show!