Mental Health Awareness Series

Mental Health Awareness Series

Hi! My name is Beatriz and I am a Masters student at Ryerson University working with the Global Campus Network and the International Student Support office. I am developing a Mental Health Awareness program together with Emma Jankowski in which we want to open the discussion on how students deal with their Mental Health, especially when they are abroad and outside their own cultures. As supporters - and myself as someone who deals with anxiety - we want to create a show that talks about anxiety and the people who deal with this.

    The storytelling format we want to work with will focus on real characters for each chapter. We understand that each experience and person is unique and by presenting real stories, we can bring more empathy and help break the negative connotations that surround this topic.

    For topics, this is what we will be doing:


  • An initial four-episode season
  • Each episode would feature a real character (real name or fictional name)
  • After the four episodes air, we want to have a live episode (round table format)
  • Each episode would be 5-10 minutes

    For topics, what we are looking for now is:


  • Interested producers for episodes (anywhere in the world!)

People that want to share their stories (you can use a different name if you feel comfortable this way)

Interested? Questions? New Ideas? Let us know! If you prefer personal contact, email me at