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Sydney Weinstock - Sense 8 Review: A global focus with a global audience
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So what is Sense8?

Sense8 is a sci-fi original Netflix series that was released in 2015. Sense8 follows the lives of eight strangers living in five different continents around the world. Will; a Chicago cop, Riley; a DJ from London, Sun; a powerful Korean business executive, Lito; a heartthrob telenovela actor (who is afraid to reveal his sexuality), Kala; an Indian pharmacist, Capheus; a bus driver from Nairobi, Nomi; a trans blogger, and Wolfgang; a crazy talented German safe cracker. The catch is that they are all connected--through some unexplainable force that allows them to communicate through the activation of their "sensate". They can telepathically connect with each other across the world through their thoughts and actions. The series begins with the re-birth of their cluster. At first, the eight characters don't know that they're connected, but begin to feel weird, out of this world sensations.

Imagine...Being in Germany eating a Schnitzel but tasting authentic Chinese food. Weird right?

The characters are able to tap into each others senses, when one of the eight characters is in trouble, or in need of guidance. No series is complete without the bad guy. Mr. Whispers wants to control and destroy everyone who possesses the gift of being a sensate. With the fear of constantly being hunted, these eight individuals have to stay strong and work together to fight for their lives.

Why it's so revolutionary?

Sense8 was created by Andy and Lana Wachowski, the visionaries behind the Matrix trilogy. Sense8 completely re-defined the sci-fi drama. Four of the main characters are women. Four are people of colour, two of the main characters are queer, and one is a trans woman, who is actually played by a trans actor. This high level of diversity has never been seen within the a sci-fi series.

Sense8 was filmed in Chicago, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Seoul, Reykjavik, Mexico City, Nairobi and Mumbai. One of the main actors Tuppence Middleton explains: "We start in one location and then we all move to the next location. So, that in itself sort of screws with your mind because you film everything based on where you are in the world as opposed to where you are in the story, so that's very confusing." All of the main characters are casted from their designated country. In each location, the executive team hired local cast, extra, and crew members, making each shoot a totally authentic experience for the cast. Whether you're in Canada, or Asia, you'll not only feel a connection to one of the characters, but also become fascinated with the life of another one. This makes the series appeal to a global audience. As a viewer, you get an intimate first hand look about what it's like to live in a very different part of the world.

Why i've classified it binge-worthy

 To be honest, I'm a little bit biased since I've already binged watched the first season. The main reason that I fell in love with the series was the character dynamic. As the series progresses you can see the connection between the characters grow deeper and stronger. Not to mention, there's also some crazy telepathic romances that sprung throughout the series (spoiler alert). I also love the aspect of learning about the lives of people who live across the world, all experiencing very different lives. Even though they're separated by geographic barriers, language, sexuality, and class, their ability to connect and impact one another reinforces our belief in humankind. It is truly a beautiful show, with many strong themes and lessons that we can all learn by watching it.

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