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Angie Tran - Online Magazine: Rookie
Jake Macfarlane's picture Jake Macfarlane 2 years 7 months ago

I found the website, Rookie that was curated by teenage role model, Tavi Gevinson. She

created this website for teens who have worries about their identities. The website covers topics

that mainstream media does not cover through this magazine and book series. The website

publishes writing, photography, and other forms of artwork by and for teenagers. Their

contributors and readers are from all over the world.


The topics that are covered range from pop culture and fashion to adolescent social issues

and feminism. After watching her Ted Talk, I realized that she found a lack of teenage girls to

look up to through the media - none of the characters she read or watched showed their flaws or

weaknesses. She felt that women contradict themselves and are told what they can and cannot be.

While there's always danger in generalizing a whole group of people, she believes some

experiences are somewhat universal to being a teenager. And thus, she created this website to

start a conversation for these teens to ask their own questions and to make the best of the

beautiful awkwardness of being an adolescent girl.


Although I have outgrown my teenage years, there are a lot of articles that are still

relatable and photographs that move me on Rookie. I think its amazing that she created this

platform for teens to share their talent and credit themselves for their work. She recognizes the

worry and talent in these teens and provides this platform for these teens to jumpstart their career

and to be noticed by international readers.


Not only do I think Canadian teens find this website interesting, I believe teens from all

over the world would find this website interesting. Although these teens are from opposite sides

of the world, they share one thing in common: the struggles of being a teenager and accepting the

fact that you have questions. I know as a young adult myself, I have questions and I sometimes

feel I cannot ask them because I'm "scared" of how I will be judged. As sad as it is to say, I grew

up with the belief that women should be more reserved and so I see myself projecting those

behaviors as well. However, this website inspires me because it covers questions I have myself

that I am too afraid to ask. And the fact that I see that people are writing about it from another

country makes me feel more comfortable to speak my mind. I also believe that parents should be

more aware that these topics come across the minds of teenagers no matter where they are in the

world. They should understand that there is now a website for questions that teenagers have

because they are afraid to ask their parents or authority figures and there is a problem with that.

I also like that the website is broken up by months and then days. Each month has a

theme and the day you click on has about 3-4 articles written. I like this layout because there

isn't an overwhelming amount to read through. Tavi's intentions for this website to be read

afterschool is portrayed because teens can go home and have a choice of four articles to read

through (as they have homework to do).


I read two of the articles written by a teenager in London and another in Chicago. The

first article I read was about "your first heartbreak". Usually, you think its your fault and you've

reached a dead end. All your future plans were with this one person and now you were wrong

about everything. But she (the writer) goes on by saying that she got over it and there is no

timeline to get over a heartbreak. When other teens, who are going through the same situation

read this, they will not feel alone. Another article I read was called, "Just Wondering: How Can I

Help a Friend Who Is Grounded Because She's Gay?" Although I have never been in this

position, reading it put me in the situation of the writer and I got a glimpse of what it could be

like if a situation like this has ever occurred.


In conclusion, although some of the topics haven't happened to me, it is still interesting

because you do not know about these topics unless you watch it or know someone who has gone

through it. That is why this website is successful - it takes you into the lives of interesting teens

with compelling stories. Rookie is progressive and does an impeccable job at catering to an

international audience.