Producing For an International Audience

Jane The Virgin
Jake Macfarlane's picture Jake Macfarlane 2 years 7 months ago

Jane the Virgin is a romantic comedy-drama television series produced in the US. The

series is surrounds the almost unbelievable events that take place in the life of Jane

Gloriana Villanueva. Jane is a hard-working, religious young woman who as stated in

the title is a virgin. The show's early seasons follows Jane's life with her boyfriend and

family, as she is accidentally inseminated with another man's sperm, and falls pregnant.

Jane the Virgin is set in Miami and follows the format of a South American telenovela.

Jane the Virgin is currently one of the only shows on American network television that

has a largely Latino cast. As such, the series is targeted towards young women aged

18-34, and has a large following in South America as it follows themes such as

immigration, citizenship and Latinos in North America. Jane the Virgin tells the story of

life through the working class in predominantly Hispanic neighbourhoods in the US.

Unlike other shows in the US with a diverse cast, Jane the Virgin portrays its cast

through the lens of other Latinos and embraces the culture of its characters. I believe

that this show is produced with an international audience in mind as it effectively

embraces another method of production and format of TV. The shows cast is unlike any

other show in prime time slots. To put it bluntly, while shows like Grey's Anatomy and

How to Get Away with Murder have diverse, multi-cultural casts, the shows barely target

viewers out of the American perspective. Because of this, I think it attracts more than

just a Latino audience as there are millions of young viewers in North America that don't

often feel represented in the media.

It's refreshing as a woman of colour to see the characters on this show grow and

change as the seasons go on. Although it is a comedy, with a satirical voice, it's also

reflective of many events that all women go through (on a smaller scale). While the

basis may be heavily stretched (who gets accidentally inseminated as a virgin, and has

the child), the events that take place surrounding this are relatable to women around the

world. Canadians get the opportunity to watch via Netflix and I think this is something

they would be interested in watching to a certain extent as they get the opportunity to

see life through a different perspective as well as see how people south of the border

live. Canadians often hear and watch shows about Mexicans living in the United States

illegally and they get to see this perspective from the grandmother's perspective

(grandmother is in the US illegally.) This show may not have a big of an international

audience like syndicated shows NCIS, Grey's Anatomy and others, but it addresses

international topics at a higher level of efficiency that many others.