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Talia Knezic - FunForLouis YouTube Channel
Jake Macfarlane's picture Jake Macfarlane 2 years 7 months ago

Louis Cole is an international YouTube sensation hailing from Surrey, England. Louis'

YouTube Channel, FunForLouis, revolves around his world travels. Through daily vlogs of his

experiences abroad to professionally shot videos with the use of camera crews and drones,

Louis strives to give his audience the feeling that they're traveling alongside him - exploring the

world together. Notable countries Louis has visited and recorded include but are not limited to:

India, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Japan, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Sierra Leone, United

Arab Emirates, Mexico, Canada, the United States and most notably, North Korea. The list of

places Louis has travelled to and documented since the start of his YouTube career over five

years ago is extensive, spanning over six continents. Louis has racked up nearly two million

subscribers on his channel and almost an incredible 250,000,000 views by sharing his

experiences with audience members who are able to travel the world from the comfort of their

couches through his videos. Whether it be surfing the waves of North Korean beaches or

walking along The Great Wall of China, every upload offers new, enlightening content for

viewers. Louis, along with a few other YouTube travellers, created a blog site - Live The

Adventure - where they share travel tips and videos. On his bio page, Louis writes that, "one of

the most exciting parts of what I get to do is share with an audience of adventure-lovers and

travellers - some who are out there living their adventure, and some who know it won't be long

before they're out there experiencing the world in some way." Louis encourages his audience to

see the world; demonstrating that as long as you have the motivation to do it, anyone can.

I've been watching Louis' channel for a couple of years and find that as a Canadian who

has never been outside of the US and the Caribbean, his videos are riveting. He inspires me to

consider traveling more and perhaps step outside of my comfort zone in other aspects of life.

I'm confident that i'm not the only one who feels unworldly while watching videos on his channel

as nobody that I know of has travelled as much as Louis does. This is why I strongly believe that

Canadians would enjoy his videos - they offer unique and diverse content with a recurring host

and fairly consistent video formats. The series Louis has done which stands out most to me is

his trip to North Korea. This series substantially increased Louis' viewership as most of us will

never have the chance to see this sheltered country in person. Talking to tour guides and locals

about their lives, as well as simply videotaping the scenery around him made for an eyeopening

experience for audience members. I spent an entire night glued to my computer screen

watching the series, and while it isn't somewhere i'd like to visit, I felt inspired by seeing Louis

potentially risk his life for his love of travel. Friends of mine, I later found out, had also seen the

series and too thought it was impressive. It is important to note that Louis received criticism from

viewers and worldwide media outlets thinking his trip to North Korea was sponsored by their

government - Louis has since confirmed that this is untrue. This was perhaps because he aims

to show the beauty of the countries he visits; politics and belief systems aside. As most

documentaries on North Korea put the country in a negative light, Louis' videos offer a very

different perspective; something he has done with many of the places he's visited over the last

five years.

Louis tries to keep his videos as authentic as possible, which I appreciate as no trip i've

taken has ever been 100% smooth sailing. Injuries, storms, and airport delays are documented

to give his audience a look at the realities of world travel.

Unlike many shows we watch on TV, or online, practically every video Louis makes

takes place in a different country with different adventures. The thought of somebody spending

their life traveling, as their job, is something I know i'll likely never be able to do but is

astounding to watch. People say that if they win the lottery, they'd drop everything and travel the

world. Louis is already doing it - and is giving us the chance to do it as well. I've recommended

Louis' videos to friends and family, and it's collectively agreed that the freshness of his content

mixed with the opportunity to be immersed in a different culture for fifteen to twenty minutes and

then return to our lives is what makes his channel so cool. I've seen Canada - I live here. Now,

no matter where they live, viewers are getting an inside look at places we've never seen. This,

to me, is also the purpose of the Global Campus Network - getting to know the world around us,

online, through the diverse people and experiences that make it so amazing.